With Perch Management, you know it's taken care of.

Perch offers comprehensive administrative, financial, physical property, and support services. We attend HOA meetings, prepare useful financials, monitor day-to-day operations, we are there in a property emergency, and we treat every homeowner as our client.

It is our attention to detail and understanding of all facets of community management that set us apart.

Administrative Services

Associations know that attentive, responsive management results in happier owners and a more engaged community. Perch Management offers administrative assistance that helps associations improve their overall functioning.

Services include:

  • Assisting the board of directors in ensuring that all performance obligations are met.
  • Promoting the association's policies and procedures.
  • Offering guidance to ensure governing documents are properly developed, maintained and executed.
  • Maintaining association documents and records, such as declaration, policies, bylaws, rules and regulations, resolutions, meeting minutes, contracts, etc.
  • Keeping an up-to-date register of owners, officers, directors including necessary contact information.
  • Attending to all necessary communications on the association's behalf.
  • Responding to individual owner requests as they pertain to the association's administration, its common elements and the "Rules and Regulations."
  • Handling and filing of insurance claims as well as managing the association's insurance portfolio.
  • Coordinating regular board of directors meetings as well as annual and special meetings of the owners and the association's board by distributing pertinent notices, agendas, and any other necessary documents.
  • Preparing resale certificates and other documents related to title transfers.
  • Promptly notifying residents of violations of association rules and regulations.
  • Coordinating and distributing the association's written communications, including welcome information for new owners.

Financial Services

Improving the long-term value of a community depends on accurate financials and stringent fund management. Our services include complete financial accountability and detailed reporting capabilities. As an experienced fiduciary partner, we provide the guidance associations need to responsibly manage their bottom line.

Services include:

  • Operating expense analysis, capital reserves analysis, and estimates of future expenses to aid the owners' association in its preparation of annual budgets.
  • Accounting for assessments and dues paid by owners.
  • Maintenance of association's checking, savings and all other bank accounts.
  • Monthly and annual financial reports, including all income and expenses, to reflect the Association's net cash position.
  • Distributing monthly financial reports to the Board of directors via email or hardcopy, which include:
    • Detailed income and expense statements
    • Balance sheets
    • Budget comparison reports
    • Owner accounts receivable and aging summaries
    • Check register details
    • Bank reconciliation reports
    • Copies of bank statements
  • Notifying owners of delinquencies and issuing follow-up letters accompanied by reasonable actions for collections determined by the association.
  • Disbursements of recurring and non-recurring expenses as approved by the association and in accordance with the budget.

Physical Property Services

At Perch Management, we take pride in ensuring that each community is maintained and serviced to exceptional standards. We understand that a well-kept environment contributes to resident satisfaction, quality of life, and improves property value and desirability. From landscaping and general maintenance to project managment and safety services, we tailor our physical property services to each community.

Services include:

  • Facilitating actions necessary for appropriate maintenance of the property at our discretion and at the direction of the association.
  • Promoting sustainable practices that utilize ecological products and services in all aspects of property management.
    -Assisting with vendor selection for property maintenance support or subcontractors.
  • Soliciting and negotiating service contracts with a variety of providers, for the benefit of the association.
  • Overseeing recreation room, fitness room, clubhouse, pool and other common area amenities.

  • -Overseeing on-site custodial personnel, landscaping services and common areas.
    -Conducting routine building maintenance inspections and documenting property conditions.
    -Reviewing property conditions and making improvements where necessary.
    -Creating and implementing a preventive maintenance program.
    -Responding promptly to all requests for service or emergencies.
    -Managing maintenance requests to completion.

Management Support Services

We have extensive experience representing Austin condominium owners and their Home0wners Associations. Our management support services help our client associations navigate the complex issues as well as the everyday operations, improve communications, and develop superior functioning organizations.

Services include:

  • Ensuring productive board and subcommittee meetings by coordinating meeting space, creating and distributing focused agendas that address operating concerns while maintaining association goals.
  • Website management, creation and online tools that promote association effectiveness.
  • Maintaining open channels of communication between individual property owners, the board and management in order to facilitate resolution of issues and problems that may arise.
  • Assuring work is completed in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of the board of directors and individual owners by issuing work orders and monitoring contractor performance.
    - Maintaining property emergency service, 24 hours, 365 days a year.
    - Providing professional guidance and recommendations to the Board.